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Cozmo is Not a Good Pill Taker

German Shepherd Medication

When it comes to taking medication Cozmo is a P.I.T.A. (Pain In The Ass).

Spring has sprung and Cozmo’s right ear was red and gunky. At the vet’s office Cozmo had his ear flushed and he was prescribed ointment and antibiotics. Two capsules twice a day for ten days. Cozmo is excellent at letting me clean his ears and insert the ointment into his ear canal. Taking pills is another story.

German Shepherd Medication

The first dose I hid in his meal. Cozmo ate his meal and left the 2 capsules neatly on the floor under his feeding station. First dose take two: I spooned out a big glob of creamy peanut butter and hide the capsules in the middle of the peanut butter. I presented the peanut butter glob to Cozmo and he delicately licked the peanut butter suspiciously before turning up his nose at it. (What dog doesn’t salivate over peanut butter? – Cozmo.) First dose take three: I forced the peanut butter glob into the back of Cozmo’s mouth and the capsules went down successfully.

I am not a fan of force feeding medicine to my dogs because it becomes a stressful and unpleasant event for all parties involved. For the second dose I move my tactics to hot dogs. Cozmo likes hot dogs. I hid the capsules in separate chunks of hot dog and placed in his meal. Before placing his dish into his feeding station I hand fed Cozmo a few hot dog pieces. Cozmo ate his meal and ate the hot dogs in his meal after extracting the capsules from the hot dogs and placing them on floor under his feeding station.

Cozmo’s meals are dry so I cannot just mix the powder contents of the capsule into his meals. Next I moved to Chicken Pill Pockets. Cozmo loves the pill pockets minus the capsules-same problem as the hot dogs. So now what? Open up the pill capsules and administer the powder contents. I inserted the powder into the pill pockets but it took four pill pockets to hold the contents of two capsules. The next problem was that Cozmo would pull the pill pockets out of his dish and tear them open on the floor. This caused a white powdery mess after each meal and only half of the medicine was getting into his system. Not ideal but better than nothing.

After we quickly used up the pill pockets I switched back to hot dogs. I cut the hot dog in half and cored out the center creating a hole to place the powder into. On about day three I was tired of cleaning the floor after each meal.

The best solution was to scramble the powder into an egg. Cozmo wolfed down the egg mixed into his meal, no mess and all of the medicine was in the kid. Win-win. So I thought I’d be clever and scramble a separate egg with the medicine and store it overnight in the fridge. The next morning I heated up the egg and put it in his meal. Cozmo turned up his nose and ate around the egg. That night I scrambled a fresh egg and he couldn’t eat it fast enough. Picky, picky, picky!

On day seven I was worn out. Three more days of medicine = six more meals. I was tired of scrambling eggs twice a day. For the last three days I threw in some chicken broth for breakfast to mix the medicine in and continued to scramble an egg for dinner.

The last dose of medicine was a glorious celebration. Cozmo’s ear cleared up and the end result is that I outsmarted the smart dog, sort of.

*Originally posted June 2, 2014*

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