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Cozmo is 12 Weeks Old

German Shepherd Puppy 12 Weeks Old

At twelve weeks of age, my little man weighed in at 26 + pounds. Over the course of a month, Cozmo easily transitioned into a new household and routine. He is definitely going to be a momma’s boy but has become more independent and no longer likes to be picked up or tolerates being held.

German Shepherd Puppy 12 Weeks Old

Over the past month, we have mastered crate training and done a couple of upgrades in crate size. From the crate to the backyard is no longer a “mad dash” to make it to the lawn for a potty break. Cozmo has learned from the crate we go to the door and from the door, we go to the lawn for potty relief.

Cozmo and I successfully spent our first day together driving eight hours to get home so traveling in the vehicle is no biggie. He came with a good foundation of being environmentally exposed to people and noises from the breeder. At eight weeks of age, Cozmo arrived at my house curious and confident and is now wavering between confident and cocky.

Little man has a solid sit, understands that really good things come from the refrigerator and has the attention span of well…a puppy!

*Originally posted March 13, 2012*

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