Camp Cozmo

Cozmo Is Home

German Shepherd Puppy

I picked up my little man from the breeder at eight weeks of age on Friday, February 3, 2012.

Cozmo and I hit the road and spent the entire day driving. Nearly five hundred miles later, we reached home sweet home. No accidents in the crate and no major issues to speak of.

German Shepherd Puppy

Once home, meet and greets were performed and we checked out the new pad. Cozmo inhaled some chow and we made several trips to the yard before retiring for the night.

I placed his crate on my bed and we both settled in after a very long and exciting day. Cozmo fussed only once during the night which resulted in a trip outside and some much-needed puppy bladder relief.

No issues settling down once back inside and crated. I woke up two separate times during the night and heard Cozmo entertaining himself with a plush toy and rawhide I had placed in his crate and that had thankfully been given to us by the breeder.

When I began to stir Saturday morning I immediately heard the thump, thump, thump of a tail wagging inside of a crate. The day was off to a good start!

*Originally posted February 14, 2012*

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