Camp Cozmo

Ears Are Up!

German Shepherd Puppy 6 Months Old

At six months of age, Cozmo has both of his big ears up under his own power. A little assistance was needed along the way but pup pup’s floppy ears are a thing of the past. Teething has also (thankfully) come to an end. Puppy teeth are gone and Cozmo’s adult choppers are big and sparkly white. My little guy is starting to look more like a big boy and is definitely starting to sound like one.

German Shepherd Puppy 6 Months Old

Manners continue to be an ongoing process as is basic obedience. Overall, things are going well. I am pleased with Cozmo’s temperament, disposition, and personality. Cozmo continues to gain confidence and maturity on a daily basis. He is finding his “place” within his pack and is instinctively becoming more possessive of his pack members, home and yard.

*Originally posted August 7, 2012*

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