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How’s Your Puppy with Gun Fire?

German Shepherd Cozmo

I had a contractor over today to expand steps leading from my bedroom to the outside patio.

Cozmo was in his kennel which is next to where the work was taking place.

About halfway through the project, the contractor asked, “How’s your puppy with gunfire?” I confidently replied that he had no issues.

Next, the contractor proceeded to secure wood to the already existing concrete step using some sort of nail gun device that produced a noise replicating loud gunfire. The contractor used this device a total of four times.

Cozmo slept through this event.

German Shepherd Cozmo

How is your puppy or dog with loud noises and environmental sounds?

The 4th of July is rapidly approaching and it is never too late to safely start desensitizing your dog or pup to fireworks, gunfire, thunder, and other environmental noises.

*Originally posted May 11, 2013*

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