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My Puppy is a Digger

My puppy Cozmo is a digger; but not your ordinary traditional digger.

  • Cozmo’s not trying to dig out of the yard
  • Cozmo’s not digging random holes in the yard
  • Cozmo’s not digging up landscaping

Cozmo digs inside his Vari Kennel. He is a crate digger.

German Shepherd Crate Training

What exactly is a crate digger? He willingly enters into his plastic crate and all is well until he realizes that he is going to be left in his crate, alone. Next, he throws a tantrum complete with big dog barking and frantic digging in the front corners of his crate.

I previously have owned 3 German shepherds and 3 Belgian Malinois and Cozmo is my first crate digger. In all the years of training, I don’t recall anyone else who had a dog that dug in their crate.

I have determined that Cozmo’s behavior is not separation anxiety, he’s just pissed. His antics and stamina are short lived. Once diggy boy realizes that no one is coming to rescue him or that the humans have departed the house, he quickly gives up, chills out, and takes a nap.

While this behavior is new to me and somewhat annoying I have decided to be an optimist and be thankful that Cozmo digs in his crate versus emptying his bowels.

*Originally posted May 9, 2013*

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