Camp Cozmo

New Puppy = New Routines

German Shepherd Puppy Cozmo

A new puppy is exciting, exhilarating and exhausting all rolled into one little bundle of fur and pointy teeth. Holy terror’s when awake and perfect angels when asleep.

Cozmo’s first few days were spent adjusting to his new surroundings. A feeding schedule was established, a zillion potty trips were made outside, the cat went missing, and a lot of visitors stopped by to check out my long-awaited (and well researched) new addition.

German Shepherd Puppy Cozmo

The normal everyday routine from a few days ago has been forever altered. New energy is in the house and the new “routine” will be a work in progress over the next few years.

The picture depicts my little guy with a full tummy and passed out after a busy afternoon of meet and greets and lots of fresh air.

*Originally posted February 16, 2012*

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