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Protection Training – Foundation, Foundation, Foundation!

Building a solid foundation is one of the most important items when training a working dog or sport dog. Every success and advancement builds from a good foundation. When a dog faces a new challenge under duress, they will naturally revert to what they know subconsciously, their foundation. A strong and confident foundation is a win, win for the dog, the handler, and the trainer. Building your dog’s foundation is a process but is not something that should be hurried.

German Shepherd Protection Training

Poor trainers and inexperienced handlers often want to rush through the basics to get to “fun” stuff or the finished product. A good trainer will read your dog and train to his strengths and weaknesses.

Cozmo’s foundation work is hard on my back (I have to hold the big lug on a long-line) but otherwise is progressing slow and steady, as it should be. Cozmo’s foundation work is about teaching confidence, balancing his drives, and teaching him what a threat is and how to protect himself, and protect me.

*Originally posted November 10, 2013*

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