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What a Difference a Year Makes

Amy Morford and German Shepherd Cozmo

One year ago Cozmo turned twelve weeks old and had been in my care for one month. Teeth were razor sharp, bladder capacity was small, play drive and energy were high, diet was being worked out, household routines were disrupted or put on hold, and Mr. Pup Pup was not left unattended ANYWHERE unless crated.

Amy Morford and German Shepherd Cozmo

Fast forward one year later…adult chompers are in, ears are up, no more potty trips in the middle of the night, housebroken, crate trained, basic obedience and manners, food situation resolved, play drive and energy still high but focused, old household routines are back along with some new ones, sleeping loose in my room during the night, only kenneled or crated when no one is home, and last but not least…protection training is in progress.

*Originally posted March 13, 2013*

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