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What Has Happened To Cozmo’s Human?

Amy Morford Dog Books

Cozmo’s human has been busy and has fallen behind on Cozmo’s blog.

It’s been a very hectic summer between work, dog training, writing, publishing, marketing and the miscellaneous life issues that always seem to pop up here and there.

In my defense, I know where my “free time” went.

The German Shepherd Big Book: All About The German Shepherd Breed published May 25, 2013.

The German Shepherd Big Book

Cozmo is on the Cover

Four more books quickly followed with publication dates ranging from June 13, 2013 – August 16, 2013.
All of the books are available in digital, paperback, and audible formats.

Amy Morford Dog Books

Please check back soon as I will be adding new articles to the site and bringing Cozmo’s blog up to date (Protection training pictures to follow).

*Originally posted September 26, 2013*

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