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Train Your Dog in German

man training a german shepherd

Choosing to train your dog with German commands can be a powerful training tool and has its advantages. German dog commands have long been considered especially effective because the words are short and forceful.

Training a dog in German is very popular. Schutzhund is a popular dog sport in the United States and many of these sport and working dogs are trained in German. All commands, whether they are working dog commands or basic obedience commands should be consistent and fit the needs and the relationship of the owner and their four-legged companion.

Training your dog in German is fun and will set you apart in an ordinary group obedience class. One of the advantages of teaching your dog German is your dog will only listen to your commands – unless your acquaintances are fluent in German!

train your dog in german

Are you ready to brag to friends and family that your dog obeys German commands? Er Gehorcht Auf Kommando.

Train Your Dog in German

Below Are the Most Common German Training Commands

English Commands

German Commands


Sit Sitz Sitz ( rhymes with “fits”)
Down Platz Platz
Stay Bleib Blibe
Heel Fuss Fooss (long o sound as in Moose) 
Here, Come, or Front Heir Hee er (Hang on the “eh” sound slightly longer than usual, roll the r if you can.)
Fetch, Bring, Get It Bring Brrring (roll the “r”)
Out, Drop It, Let Go Aus Owss (rhymes with “house”)
Bark, Speak Gib Laut Gib Laut
Jump, Up, Over Hopp Hop
Watch, Attention Achtung Ahk-toong
Good Dog Braver Hund Braffer hoont
No Nein Nine
Shame, Stop That, Drop That Pfui Foo-ey
Pay Attention, Heads Up, Watch Pass Auf Pahs owf
Hunt, Blind Search Revier Reh veer
Search, Seek, Track Such Pronounced – Zook (Long o and soft k.)
Search Voran For awn
Go Out Voraus For owss ( rhymes with “for house”)
Attack or Bite Command Fass Fahs

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