Why Your Dog Stares At You While Pooping

german shepherd dog stares when pooping

You take your dog out to do business, and they find an acceptable spot, they squat, you lock eyes and wonder why your dog stares at you while pooping.

You might feel uncomfortable with this intimate eye contact and think you should advert your eyes or pretend you’re not watching your dog. This is the exact opposite of what you should do.

Your dog isn’t trying to make you uncomfortable, isn’t pleading for privacy, and isn’t embarrassed.

As you know, dogs are descendants of wolves and are instinctively vigilant about their immediate environment. The laws of survival force them to watch out for any dangers and stay aware of their surroundings at all times.

An animal is most vulnerable during defecation. They are in a vulnerable position; therefore, their fight or flight response is delayed.

dog staring while pooping

It can be extraordinarily difficult for a dog to escape or defend itself against dangerous elements during defecation. Your dog knows they are defenseless.

However, dogs are also pack animals. Dogs count their human owners as being part of their pack.

Your dog staring at you during their defecation means they are counting on you to give them a heads up to possible dangers should they arise.

Your dog also expects you to protect them or at least take action should something happen. That’s why you’ll notice that if you make a sudden movement while your dog is pooping, they will react as well.

Some dogs won’t defecate unless they think no one’s watching them. They will look for trees or bushes to go behind. These dogs feel safer and less vulnerable when they aren’t exposed out in the open.

Regardless of whether your pup prefers taking cover and avoiding eye contact or staring at you during poop time, it’s important to let them do whatever their most comfortable with. As long as he’s not messing up your place, allow him to poop in peace.

If you have a yard, ensure your dog has a safe and comfortable environment where they can poop in peace without the worry of fighting or fleeing.

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