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5 German Shepherd Traits – Embrace These Traits or Don’t Get a German Shepherd

german shepherd traits

German Shepherds are remarkable dogs and also one of the most recognized breeds in the world.

German Shepherd owners are a unique breed in their own rights compared to other dog owners due to the fact that German Shepherds require dedication above and beyond what other breeds need.

German Shepherds are smart, and owning one isn’t just a commitment but a way of life.

German Shepherd lovers who are devoted to this breed will recommend you learn about this remarkable breed before bringing one home.

German Shepherd Traits

German Shepherd Dogs differ in character and temperament, but five traits are part of their genetic make-up.

1. Intelligence

german shepherd traits

German Shepherds are very smart and thrive in environments that challenge them. They are genetically programmed to work and are popular choices for police work, search and rescue, drug detection, service dogs, sport dogs, etc.

Due to their intelligence, they need training, socialization, and stimulation from the time you bring them home.

German Shepherds require an owner who will lead, enforce rules and commands, and challenge them mentally from the second they arrive home.

Owners who are complacent, lazy, and lack authority will be outsmarted and time and again by their German Shepherd.

German Shepherds who are not provided with physical and mental stimulation will become bored and frustrated and entertain themselves, which usually results in the destruction of belongings and property.

2. Athleticism

black german shepherd

German Shepherds are athletic and have a ton of energy to burn. They don’t have to participate in dog sports to be fulfilled, but they need a lot of exercise.

German Shepherds need active and involved owners who will provide plenty of walks, someplace to run, and will willingly throw their ball or favorite toy over and over.

3. Courage

german shepherd traits

German Shepherds are courageous and will protect their family members.

German Shepherds are often mistakenly categorized as an aggressive breed. German Shepherds are instinctively a protective breed, which is why training and socialization from a young age is a must to ensure they are well-balanced and well-behaved.

A dog of any breed that is abused, neglected, and not socialized has the potential to become a dangerous dog.

4. Loyalty

german shepherd traits

German shepherds are loyal to their owner and family members unconditionally, no questions asked.

They require a lot of interaction and companionship and might even be considered needy. You will never pee or shower alone again if you have a German Shepherd.

They will thrive when they are considered a valued family member and are included in outings and activities.

A German Shepherd will develop behavior problems if they are regularly left alone for long periods of time or isolated to the backyard and forgotten about.

5. Shedding 

german shepherd hair

German Shepherds are lovingly referred to as German Shedders. They shed—a lot.

They blow their coat twice a year. Brushing regularly helps, but they shed year-round.

If you cannot handle dog hair tumbleweeds throughout your house, dog hair on your furniture, in your car, on your clothes, this breed isn’t for you.

Owning a German Shepherd is a lifestyle and a commitment. If you are considering one, be honest with yourself. Do you have the time and the energy to provide the necessary training, exercise, grooming, and vacuuming?


If you’re ready for a German Shepherd, you will quickly learn their loyalty, devotion, and companionship is like no other. What you put into your German Shepherd will be returned to you tenfold.


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