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Active Shooter Dog on Duty at School in Florida

acitive shooter dog colby
Photo Credit: NBC-2 News

As school shootings continue, better methods are needed to protect children and staff.

In Naples, Florida, a private school has an extra layer of protection that works hard to keep its children safe.

The Village School of Naples has one of only three ‘Skool Dogs’ in America. She is a German Shepherd, and her name is Colby.

Skool Dogs is a company that has a patented “Active Shooter Response Program” that teaches detection and security K9s to respond to the sound of gunfire. Skool Dogs are social, kid-friendly, and trained to detect ammunition, loaded firearms, narcotics, explosives, fireworks, etc.

active shooter dog

Photo Credit: NBC-2 News

Colby is the only Skool Dog in Florida. She’s basically a full-time guard dog. She specializes in responding to an active shooter and the scent of gunpowder or ammunition.

“We are both certified as an active shooter response team to like threats and things like that,” said Daniel, Colby’s handler and the school resource officer.

Two years ago, a family anonymously donated Colby to the school.

“This all started since Parkland,” said Dennis Chapman, head of the school.

Colby and Officer Daniel went through weeks of training to become a close-knit team. They patrol the campus all day long.

“Colby allows us to do our job better and then have resources to detect or deter,” said Officer Daniel.

Colby sniffs out anything she can and then notifies Officer Daniel of danger.

active shooter dog in florida

Photo Credit: NBC-2 News

“She will not hesitate to do what she is trained to do. If there are gunshots, she will actually take the K-9 handler toward them,” Daniel said.

Chapman said parents, just like him, feel better knowing Colby is securing the campus at all times.

“All the money we’ve invested into safety and security has come through donations. Our parents are very passionate about keeping their children safe,” said Chapman.

Thankfully, Colby’s active shooter skills haven’t been put to the test at the school. Hopefully, Colby and Officer Daniel’s full-time presence on the school grounds will deter violence and encourage other schools to expand and tighten their security standards.

h/t NBC-2 News

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