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Calm Owner, Calm Dog – 4 Tips to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

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Emotions are contagious. Good ones and bad ones are both transmitted to your dog or puppy. A calm and relaxed owner equals a calm dog.

Dogs and puppies read signals from our body language that either calm them or increase their stress and anxiety.

If you react with worry or fear when your dog or pup is stressed or anxious, it is likely to escalate your friend’s reaction, which can lead to unwanted fearful or aggressive behavior.

Instead of acknowledging your dog’s stress, it is better to ignore it if you can.

When our dogs are frightened or startled, and we reassure them verbally or physically, we are giving our dog attention for the behavior we don’t like and don’t want.

It’s better to ignore unwanted behavior and distract your dog with play, simple obedience commands, and treats.

When owners feel anxious or agitated, we become tense, and our bodies tighten up. We may clench our teeth and fists, speak louder, speak faster, hold our breath, or our breathing becomes quick and shallow.

Our dogs will instinctively react to our body language.

4 Tips to Help Owners Remain Calm and Have A Calm Dog

calm owner calm dog

1. Breathe – silently count to five and slowly inhale and exhale with each count.

2. Relax – loosen up your arms and shoulders. Shift your weight, roll your shoulders forward, and slump a little. This body language translates to your dog or puppy that you are not worried and that everything is fine.

3. Speak softly – lower your voice and talk slowly. This reassures your dog or pup that everything is okay.

4. Yawn – yawns are contagious, and a big one will relax your upper body. Yawning will imply that you are calm and maybe even bored.

Remember these tips to stay calm, or at least appear calm when your dog or puppy is showing signs of stress or anxiety.

A relaxed and happy owner will have a calm and happy dog.

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