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Police Compare Drug Bust to Five German Shepherds – The Internet Goes Crazy

five german shepherds

The world is a crazy place, and social media can be even crazier.

The Greater Manchester Police Department in the United Kingdom has people on Facebook demanding the department be investigated for animal cruelty.

Here are the details:

The Manchester Police Department posted that they had found a large cannabis farm with an estimated £750k ($1,007,625) worth of drugs on their Facebook page.

The haul was seized with a warrant during a raid. Officers found a large cannabis farm being grown at a house in Cheetham Hill.

pot grow bust

Photo Credit: GMP Manchester North

A follow-up post by the department stated this:

“We have now dismantled the cannabis farm, and 173kg (382lbs.) of cannabis has been burnt at the incinerator! That’s the equivalent of 5 German Shepherds! Our van was filled!”

Instead of congratulating the department on the big bust, angry responses and animal cruelty accusations ensued.

Geraldine George posted, “Why would you compare it to dogs!”

Another user, Sue Donaghy, said, “Could have used another alternative to the weight than a dog. All I can picture now is five German Shepherds in an incinerator.”

Daniel Keo added, “The person who posted this should be investigated for animal cruelty. Why are you thinking of putting German Shepherds in an incinerator? What animal abuser thought of that comparison, investigate them.”

There is no information that dogs were used during the raid, and no German Shepherds have been mistreated or harmed concerning this incident.

Cruelty to animals defined by Wikipedia

Cruelty to animals, also called animal abuse, animal neglect, or animal cruelty is the infliction by omission (neglect) or by commission by humans of suffering or harm upon any animal. It can cause harm or suffering for a specific achievement, such as killing animals for entertainment or pleasure.

Comparing the amount of the drugs seized to the weight of five German Shepherds provides a reference. I can visualize five German Shepherds in my SUV. I can also roughly convert 173kg into pounds rather quickly using German Shepherd math.

  • German Shepherds weigh 85 pounds on average
  • 85 pounds give or take times five (85×5) is going to between 400 to 500 pounds of drugs seized and destroyed

The actual drug amount seized was 382 pounds. So our quick estimate is a little high but still in the ballpark.

My mind did not jump to visualizing five German Shepherds in an incinerator. My mind would have never have visualized that if that comment had not been made.

What is wrong with people?

The Karens and Chads on social media should focus their energy on actual animal cruelty or other real-world problems and let the Greater Manchester Police Department enforce laws and celebrate significant drug seizures.


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