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Proper Dog Etiquette

proper dog etiquette

Teaching your proper dog etiquette makes the difference between a dog owner and a good dog owner.

We have all seen children out in public that has terrible manners and thought to ourselves that someone should teach them some manners. The same holds true for dogs.

People enjoy a well-behaved, well-mannered dog much more than a dog with poor etiquette. Teaching your proper dog etiquette is a must if you plan to go out in public with your dog or pup. It will also make coming over to your home more enjoyable for your guests.

Basic Manners

Teach your dog some basic manners. A well-behaved dog is a well-trained dog and should respond to some basic commands such as sit, down, stay, heel, come, no, and leave it.

german shepherd in a sit stay

When walking your dog, keep them under control at all times.

Use a leash around others especially children, the elderly, and other dogs or animals.

Use common sense and do not allow a child to walk a large breed dog. It may be cute but it is not safe for the child, the dog, and others in the immediate vicinity.

Clean Up After Your Dog

The single most important rule of proper dog etiquette is to always clean up after your dog.

proper dog etiquette

Always be prepared and carry plastic bags with you to keep your neighborhood clean. No one likes to step in dog doo, and neighborly relations are important.

Speaking of your neighbors, keep your dog off of other people’s lawns and out of their flower beds.

People often take a lot of pride in keeping their yard looking nice, and they do not appreciate irresponsible dog owners allowing their dog to run rampant through their flowers and marking all over their lawn.

The second most important rule of proper dog etiquette is no jumping on people, period. This goes for all size dogs from small to large.

Dogs that jump up on people are rude. Not only is the person being jumped on having their personal space invaded, but they may also have their clothes dirtied. Teach your dog to greet all humans while remaining on all four of their feet.

No Begging

german shepherd begging for food

Another essential dog etiquette tip is to train your dog that it is not alright to beg.

A begging dog reflects poorly on you, the owner, and can be an annoyance to guests.

People expect proper manners when they sit down to eat. Nobody wants someone staring longingly at their plate, and they especially don’t want someone pawing and whining at them to get a bite.

Food on the table is for people; food in the dog food bowl is for the dog. Etiquette dictates that a dog should either avoid the table area altogether or should lie calmly underneath the table, where they are out of the way.

If you have a female dog in heat, do not take her out in public. This is poor dog owner etiquette and should be common sense. A female in heat makes other dogs behave poorly and causes unnecessary chaos.

If you have a breed that slobbers or drools, be mindful of this and do not let your dog slobber and drool all over strangers. Many people do not appreciate dog slobber, so always be prepared with a towel just in case.

People appreciate dog owners who follow proper dog etiquette. If your dog has good manners, people will notice. You and your four-legged companion will be more welcome by people, friends, and family.

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