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Amputee Veteran Adopts a 3-Legged German Shepherd

3-legged german shepherd
Photo Credit: Inland Valley Humane Society

Dane Orozco, a military veteran, met a 3-legged German Shepherd in a shelter, and destiny happened.

In 2016 Orozco had his right leg amputated due to an infection. The loss of his leg had a profound impact on his life, triggering depression and anxiety.

Having a body part amputated is tough physically and mentally, even if you support family and friends.

Orozco was struggling with depression and thought about things in his past that made him happy. The answer was dogs.

Orozco made his way to the Inland Valley Humane Society in Pomona, CA, to look around.  Orozco was drawn to a young German Shepherd brought into the shelter after being hit by a car.

3-legged german shepherd

Photo Credit: Inland Valley Humane Society FB

The Shepherd’s leg was shattered from the car’s impact and was beyond repair. The shelter made the decision to amputate the right leg, the same leg that Dane lost.

When Orozco met the Shepherd, it was love at first sight and an instant connection.

 “The fact that he had an amputated leg like I do really drew me to him. I just thought, we have something in common, and I could help him through his pain and discomfort, knowing exactly what he’s going through.” – Dane Orozco

Orozco filled out adoption paperwork and named the young dog Kane. The boys left the shelter together and have been inseparable since.

3-legged german shepherdOrozco takes Kane to work with him, and they do everything together. Kane has adjusted to his new owner and life and grows stronger and more confident every day, and often acts like he doesn’t know he’s missing a leg.

“He runs like he has all four legs sometimes. He goes with me everywhere I go. No matter where I am, he’s never a few inches from me.” – Dane Orozco

Orozco’s life got better, as did his outlook.

“He has changed my life. I now feel better, and he has been the therapy I’ve needed. I can turn to him when I am feeling down, and instantly I feel better.” – Dane Orozco





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