2 German Shepherds and their Black and White Love Story

2 german shepherds
Photo Credit IG: @kayatheshepherd

Meet Kaya and Hades. Two German Shepherds who love cuddling, long walks together, and have a fairytale romance that will brighten your day.

2 german shepherds black and white

Photo Credit IG: @kayatheshepherd

Kaya is a White Swiss Shepherd.

 german shepherd kaya

Photo Credit IG: @kayatheshepherd

Hades is a Black German Shepherd.

black german shepherd

Photo Credit IG: @kayatheshepherd

Their contrasting colors, make the duo a gorgeous couple.

black and white german shepherds

Photo Credit IG: @kayatheshepherd

For richer or paw-er, the two crazy kids decided to tie the knot. It’s unclear who popped the question, but Reddit user Gallowboob shared the wedding picture and made the event internet official.

Like many a bride, Kaya wore white, and Hades looked dapper in a black tux that he provided the tail for.

2 german shepherds love story

Photo Credit IG: @kayatheshepherd

Rumor around the dog park was Kaya kept her groom on a short leash.

black and white german shepherd

Photo Credit IG: @kayatheshepherd

Soon Kaya yearned for a pack of her own. She’s pictured here practicing with available friends.

white swiss shepherd

Photo Credit IG: @kayatheshepherd

Kaya’s owners took the hint, and soon a Finnish Spitz made three

german shepherd family

Photo Credit IG: @kayatheshepherd

The new addition was smitten.

white german shepherd with puppy

Photo Credit IG: @kayatheshepherd

The human owners noted that Kaya dotes and Hades oversees playtime.

black and white german shepherds with puppy

Photo Credit IG: @kayatheshepherd

It’s been a few years since Kaya and Hades howled their I do’s and became an internet-famous doggy power couple.

If you like happily ever after fairytale endings, you’ll love Kaya and Hade’s update.

As you can see from this New Year’s Day 2022 picture, their pack has grown.

german shepherds and finnish spitzs

Photo Credit IG: @kayatheshepherd

Like and follow the adventures of this doggo family on Instagram: @kayatheshepherd.


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