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How to Understand the Body Language of Black German Shepherds

what do black german shepherds look like

Highly intelligent, strong, protective, and incredibly gorgeous are just a few words that come to mind when describing a German Shepherd Dog.

Recognized by the American Kennel Club in the early 1900s, the German Shepherd Dog ranks second in popularity of the nearly 200 AKC-recognized breeds.

The German Shepherd Dog can not only be an exceptional family companion and member, but it is also the top choice for police forces and the military.

You will see the German Shepherd Dog in various color combinations, and one of the rarer colors you’ll see is solid black–the Black German Shepherd.

Are Black German Shepherds a Different Breed of German Shepherd?

No, the Black German Shepherd is not a separate breed from the German Shepherd Dog.

The only ‘difference’ with this amazing creature is that it happens to be solid black. This beautiful dog possesses all of the qualities that the breed is known for, and it is an expert at communicating with its lucky owners.

Let’s look at ways the Black German Shepherd communicates with us through its body language.

We’ll examine three specific areas: facial expression, the tail, and overall body positions.

Not Just Another Pretty Face

Here are just a few things Black German Shepherds can tell you by the expression on their face:

  • Wide-Eyed: If their eyes are dilated when there’s ample light, this usually means that the dog is anxious or stressed about something.
  • ‘Elvis’ Lip & Bare Teeth: If your Black German Shepherd growls, raises its upper lip, and shows its teeth, this usually stems from fear. Slowly step back so as not to trigger an aggressive response.

black german shepherds

A Cautionary Tail

The way your dog holds its tail can tell you a lot about what they are thinking. Here are just a few of them:

  • Oh, Happy Day: When your German Shepherd slowly wags its tail all over the place, they are trying to tell you that they’re happy or excited. If their tail is moving quickly in a horizontal position, that usually is a sign that they’re irritated.
  • Tail Up: A tail proudly held straight up is usually an indication that your dog feels like it has things under control. If they are holding their tail down between their legs, that is a sign that they’re scared.

Bodily Signs

Black German Shepherds can communicate their thoughts to you by what they do with their body:

  • Going Belly Up: Is your dog on its back showing their tummy and their ‘parts’? That means that they are not only begging for a belly rub, but they’re also acknowledging that you are the ‘leader of the pack.’
  • High Five: Or, more accurately, ‘high paw.’ When your German Shepherd lifts its paw and nudges you with it, they’re indicating that they want your attention.

To learn even more about the Black German Shepherd Dog, click here.

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