10 Things ONLY German Shepherd Dog Owners Will Understand

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There are dog breeds that have become popular over the years, and the German Shepherd is one of them. The dog breed is common in different regions, including the U.S., and it is loyal, confident, courageous, and intelligent.

As for its appearance, the dog has pointed ears, and the muscular physique is appealing. People who own this dog breed establish a strong connection with their pets.

Below are 10 things that only German Shepherd dog owners can understand:

1. German Shepherds are Extremely Smart

If you own a German Shepherd, you may have suspected the dog is more intelligent than you are. After all, what can this breed not do or handle?

The German Shepherd dog breed has gained a positive reputation for its incredible intelligence levels, and they can also learn new behaviors fast within a short period.

Additionally, these dogs have the desire to cooperate and also work with people. Some of these traits are viewed as a way to please their human owners.

This breed has also excelled in different competitions over the years, including ones that test their ability to be obedient.

Since GSDs are very intelligent, they should be provided with mentally stimulating toys. They should also take part in games and training that challenge their brains.

2. German Shepherds Provide Constant Companionship

Those who own German Shepherds can ascertain that they are never alone because this breed is always by your side and underfoot.

German Shepherds are instinctively protective of their pack and not welcoming to strangers, yet they are loving and gentle around their families. They are also dedicated and affectionate.

German Shepherds do not do well when left alone repeatedly for extended periods. They are pack animals and want to spend time with their human counterparts. The more you include them in activities and routines, the more they will thrive.

Because of the German Shepherd’s protective and loyal nature, they make great family dogs. Watchful yet tolerant and patient with small children and kids.

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3. German Shepherds Shed

German Shepherds shed a lot. Dog hair on clothes and furniture is the norm, and German Shepherd lovers tolerate hair in the nooks and crannies of their homes and cars.

The reason why German Shepherds shed so much is because of their double coats. Their outer coat is dense, and this fur is shed continuously. GSDs shed their undercoat at least twice annually, which is referred to as blowing their coat.

Quality food and regular brushing help keep the shedding in check.

4. German Shepherds are Very Active

German Shepherds are super active with a lot of drive to play and work. Couch potato owners are not a good fit for this breed.

German Shepherds require daily exercise and room to run to burn off excess energy. If you have a small backyard, you will need to commit to ensuring this breed gets plenty of exercise.

If you enjoy hiking, camping, or hanging by the lake, don’t leave your German Shepherd behind at home. This breed loves being stimulated both mentally and physically by exploring new things and places. It will also improve the bond between you and your four-legged kid.

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5. German Shepherds are Loving Companions

German Shepherds are well known for their beauty and protective nature, but they are also very loyal and loving companions.

German Shepherds love spending time with their humans and need to be included in the family pack structure.

When you are together, a German Shepherd will rarely let you out of their sight for very long. This is their need for companionship as well their instinct to watch over you.

Time spent bonding with a German Shepherd will be returned with a dedicated companion that is willing to put their life on the line to protect the one they love.

6. German Shepherds Explore Everything Using their Noses

How do you know a German Shepherd investigates everything with their nose? The evidence is from the nose smudges everywhere, including floors, doors, and windows.

German Shepherds have a better sense of smell compared to other dog breeds. The GSD’s keen sense of smell makes them well suited for police work, including sniffing for bombs and drugs, and they are a popular breed in search and rescue missions.

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7. German Shepherds are Protective

GSDs are self-confident and fearless. They are known for standing their ground, and they are well-suited to working as guardians or watchdogs, depending on the situation.

Because of the German Shepherd’s protective nature, they are instinctively suspicious of strangers outside of their immediate pack. It’s vital to socialize this breed from a young age around people and other animals as much as possible to avoid possessive issues in the future.

8. German Shepherds are a Mouthy Breed

All dogs use their mouths as hands and are instinctively designed for chewing. This mouthing behavior is typical.

However, German Shepherds have tremendous bite pressure and can destroy just about anything they can fit into their mouth or wrap their teeth around.

Provide your Shepherd with appropriate toys and teach them that furniture, clothes, hands, etc., are off-limits.

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9. German Shepherds are Versatile

German Shepherds are a working breed that can handle many different tasks.

The German Shepherd is used for police work, scent work, therapy work, protection work, and guide dogs. They also excel in sport work such as Schutzhund, agility, and dock diving.

The only thing that can hold a German Shepherd back is the energy and time required for the training process.

10. German Shepherds are a Herding Breed

If you own a German Shepherd, it means you’re not a stranger to being nudged every now and again by your dog.

The German Shepherd Dog was originally bred to herd and protect instinctively. GSD’s are rarely used to herd anymore, but the herding heritage is still present.

German Shepherds are known for herding the members of their human family, especially children. GSD’s will also walk right in front of you to cut you off and change your direction for safety or grouping purposes.

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Final Thoughts

If you are thinking about becoming a German Shepherd owner, we hope some of the outlined facts will give you more insight into this magnificent and majestic breed.

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