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German Shepherd Adoption

Bruno was very content to let me hold him on the drive home from the breeders. Looking back, this was the first indicator that the big guy was going to be a momma’s boy.

After reaching our home destination, Bruno was allowed to check out his new surroundings including the backyard and potty area. He was introduced to a mini puppy tug and a variety of jute toys with squeaky noises. His prey drive was through the roof, he was a confident little sucker, and like all puppies, his razor sharp puppy teeth were all over everyone and everything. Any doubts or concerns that I might have had previously were squelched within the first thirty minutes of getting him home.

German Shepherd Adoption

Before retiring for the evening, I cut off Bruno’s water access and together we made a successful potty trip to the backyard. Next, we prepared to hunker down for some much-needed rest by all. New puppies are exciting and exhausting all rolled into one small exuberant package.

I had planned ahead and a small puppy crate waiting for Bruno. I placed it up on the bed next to me and I stuck a few fingers into the front of the crate. Not a whimper or a whine was heard throughout the night—from either of us.

Morning arrived and Bruno stirred before I did. We made it through the night without any litter mate separation issues. I was elated and mentally gave us both a gold star.

A good positive start to a new day and a new puppy!

*Originally posted September 21, 2009*

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