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Bruno’s Blog – Final Post and Final Thoughts

Change is inevitable, change is hard and change is good. Bruno’s absence brought change and a lot of it. I packed up his Kong’s, collars and leashes, gave away his food and cookies, and cleared the counters of supplements and pills. The first few weeks were emotionally hard as I updated friends and acquaintances on Bruno’s passing.

German Shepherd End of Life

By letting Bruno move on it was time for me to move forward as well. Physical ailments that I had been suffering from decreased in severity and I realized how much lighter and clearer I felt. Bruno’s battle with Degenerative Myelopathy had not only affected him but mentally and physically it had consumed me as well.

Within a month of Bruno’s passing, I made numerous lifestyle changes. The circumstances and timing were opportunistic and as things fell into place, moving on just felt “right”. Old doors were not closing, new doors were opening.

It has been over a year that I have been without my beloved Bruno. I still miss him but my heart no longer hurts. I am grateful for the journey we shared together and thankful for the antics, protection, laughter, joy, comfort, knowledge and unconditional love he gave me.

*Originally posted December 1, 2011*

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