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Checking in With Bruno – Session with Karen Anderson, Pet Psychic

Wednesday afternoon, September 22, 2010, I made phone contact with Pet Psychic Karen Anderson for an appointment I had booked the previous Friday.

Karen asked if we were going to be checking in on my boy today which I confirmed. Karen then stated that from my appointment notes it looks as though he is suffering mostly from old age. I told Karen that when I made the appointment Bruno was with us but that I put him down the following day. Karen gave me heartfelt condolences and I stated, “I think he has been ready.” Karen confirmed I was 100% correct, Bruno had been ready.

German Shepherd End of Life

Karen shared she recently had to put down a pet of 13 years and completely understood how hard it is to end your pet’s existence and one of the worst decisions in the world to make. I told her the decision had been easier than I thought it would be when I finally admitted to myself Bruno was in a lot more pain than he was letting onto and he was struggling and merely existing instead of living. I relayed to Karen that on Friday, September 17, 2010, I did not get out of bed expecting the chain of events that occurred over the next day and a half. I told Karen that after I had booked the appointment with her I realized nothing was going to improve for Bruno between Friday and today and his existence, at this point, was more for me than for him. I took Bruno into the vet the following day (Saturday, September 18, 2010) to be euthanized and let him go. I voiced I did not feel the appointment went exactly smooth but it had been comforting for me. Karen stated the entire process is way harder on us (humans) than for them (pets).

For the session, Karen asked if I wanted to check in with Bruno to see how he was doing and what messages he had. I told Karen I had originally made the appointment out of desperation, I even thought about canceling but decided not to. The message I wanted to send to Bruno was if I had waited too long to let him go, I wanted to apologize to him and let him know that I am okay.

With that, Karen started the session.

Immediately Karen stated that a human energy was coming through along with Bruno’s energy and Karen asked me if I was open to their messages as well. I stated I was. Karen focused on Bruno’s energy first and stated that she had love, love, love coming through, both the word love and the feeling of love. Karen said she also had a light feeling, a light-hearted feeling, a very casual feeling, a very comfortable easy feeling coming through from him.

He just kind of saunters in and plops down, not making a big fuss about anything in particular; just kind of working his way into my space and letting me know he is here. He brings with him an older female energy. When I say older I mean older than you. It could be a mother or grandmother energy. It is usually someone in your close family circle and I’ll get to her energy in a minute. I just want Bruno to go ahead and share.

He is saying that he did not want to go into a critical situation and that it worked out just fine for him. He said that he would rather it go peacefully than to endure any more trauma. He is saying that he understands everything that happened; his heart will always be with you and his family. He says that worries and troubles are all gone and he wants me to thank you for that. He is telling me it feels like he can actually move again and breathe again. He is saying that he feels so lucky and so grateful to have been able to spend this time with you.

He says he was greeted by this older female energy. Karen then said she was going to describe her to me and asked me to confirm if I recognized who this is. I am seeing somebody come through and she has a very big smile on her face. It looks like she has either a flowered dress or a top with flowers on it but it is very brightly colored and it looks like she has round cheeks. She could not smile any bigger, that is how big her smile is and she wants me to talk about the S name as in Steve, Sam or Sarah . . . I need to talk about the S name. Karen asked me if this sounded like somebody I recognized. I told her it did not. Karen said that she had the feeling that this was a motherly or grandmotherly kind of feeling coming through. She is very bouncy, very upbeat. She is all smiles with lots of happy energy around her and this is not a shy quiet person coming through. She is literally like a burst of sunshine when she comes into my space.

She is telling me she was there to greet him and that she welcomed him into the family group or family collective souls, so to speak. She is also talking about some kind of tile work that has been done or is being done with you or with somebody connected to you. I confirmed that my parents have tile in their kitchen that is torn up and waiting to be replaced. Karen said she basically needed to comment on that, she is (the female energy) seeing that going on. Bruno knows your mom and dad too right? Yes, I confirmed. Okay, because he is saying that they are very loving towards him and he is very loving towards them. Yes, I confirmed again. I need to send a shout out to your mom and dad from Bruno.

Is there a Steve? Dumbfounded, I relayed I had an older cousin named Steven who had passed about ten years ago. Okay, because he keeps whispering it in my ear tell her Steve, tell her Steve. So I have Steve here as well. Karen explained that even if we were not close to somebody or knew them physically in our life they would be here for us and take care of our animals when they transition. Karen commented that it’s amazing how connected we all are and how the family group, family unit stays together.

Bruno is also telling me it is like he left his body even before the injection. He says he was so ready to go that he was excitedly leaving his body before it was even time for him to go. Karen stated that he must have gone very, very quickly. I thought he did but it did not exactly go smoothly. Karen then said the view from my perspective can very different than his perspective. If they have poor circulation at the time of injection, the body can retaliate but he is making me feel that he was so ready to go. I responded that was what I felt on Friday after I had made the appointment with her and as the day dragged on I felt that there was no point in prolonging the inevitable. Karen agreed there is no point, it becomes about us being selfish and not wanting to do ultimately what we have to do.

Karen said that Bruno was telling her he had a very deep and constant burning inside. “I am seeing literally bottles of pills and he says that they were barely working anymore.” He said he felt like the pain was everywhere. I asked him where he was hurting and he is telling me everywhere. He felt like he could barely maneuver around and he had very limited mobility. He says, “I was old and feeble and hardly but a shell of who I used to be.” I commented, “he is right.” He says that my time has come to leave and I will continue my journey; now I can do this with feeling good and not having any of this heaviness surrounding me. He said literally his entire system was failing him. I feel like someone going through the house and shutting all the lights off, that is how I feel in his body. Things were just failing on him to the point where obviously he could not go on anymore.

He says something about not being able to relax. Is that what was going on? I responded yes, lately, it was like he could not get comfortable and it was hard for him to get up and move. He would come to me and want my attention and I just felt like there was nothing I could do for him. He keeps saying to me not being able to relax and there is just a feeling of not being able to get rest, that is what he is sending me and it does not feel very good to be that way. I inserted that he was restless but he could not pace, and he was uncomfortable and I could sense that.

Karen said that his energy was in the recovery stage meaning he is getting all the attention he needs. He is getting all the re-energizing that his body was drained from; it is all coming back to him now. “I have all of this attention and everyone around me taking good care of me.” He says that there is someone with him (Karen starts to laugh a bit) and I do not know if this is the same female energy that I described to you before but he says that there is someone with him that is very glamorous and that is his word. (I begin to laugh at this point) He says she is very glamorous and I am getting the imagery of a Hollywood kind of celebrity or movie star. It looks like someone from the black and white era of pictures so this is somebody from long past but he is using the word glamorous. I asked Karen if he was happy with that. Karen laughed and said, “oh yeah.” I commented that he thinks very highly of himself so I am sure he would think that is a good match. Karen again laughed and commented that being around someone glamorous is a good match for him.

I have absolutely no complaints or no regrets from him what-so-ever. He actually apologizes for you having to plan your life and work schedule around him, and having to put him first all the time. “I need to go take care of him,” – that sort of thing.

No complaints at all about the timing or the transition or anything. Karen stated that I had made the right decision. I followed my gut, I followed my instincts and I did everything right. Karen commented that Bruno supports my decision and then said that if I could see him he looks like this big spoiled boy sitting there and he is basking in it. He is truly, truly a happy boy coming through right now.

We began to end the session and Karen told me to hold the thought in my mind of how much I love this handsome boy. How there will never ever be another one like him nor do we want there to be anybody that can hold a candle to him. Karen thanked Bruno for coming through and the other energies, Steven and the female energy that came through came as well.

Karen’s final comments were that there is no better message from departed loved ones that they are doing great, they are adjusting and they are happy. Karen reminded me that I sent Bruno off to be free and that the bond of love will always be there, that we will always be connected, and he will always be a part of my life. Karen’s session brought tears, laughter, comfort, wonderment, and closure for me.

Bruno had been ready to move on and was doing just fine. I was comforted that family was waiting for him when he transitioned and it even appeared that he had already found himself a new glamorous sidekick. The “glamorous” reference makes me laugh. I happen to be nowhere near glamorous in appearance or lifestyle and that word is not even in my vocabulary. So, “glamorous” came out of the clear blue but I can certainly see Bruno digging someone with clout who would appreciate his beauty.

Immediately after the session ended I knew the female energy that first appeared was my cousin Diane who had passed almost 20 years ago. The male energy Steven is Diane’s younger brother. The two of them being together makes sense and is an easy connection for me to make. My older sister listened to the recorded session and instantly agreed that the female energy was Cousin Diane. My sister also confirmed that Karen’s description of Diane was fitting. I shared the session with my parents and to my surprise, my mother understood the reference to the brightly flowered dress. When Diane was a young teenager my mother let her pick out bright flowered material and helped her sew a dress out of it. This occurred long before my sister and I arrived into the family and was the first time I had heard this story.

I should have made the connection to Diane during the session but I was so focused on Bruno that the other “energies” caught me off guard and I was unable to process while in the moment. In hindsight, I am very grateful to all of the energies who came through during my session. It is nice to know our loved ones are together, looking after our cherished pets and still keeping a watchful eye on the rest of us.

*Originally posted November 7, 2011*

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