Dealing with Dog Hair: In Your House, In Your Car and on Your Clothes

Dog Hair

Most dogs shed. Some dogs shed more than others depending on the breed, the time of year and your grooming routines.

Dog hair is a small tradeoff for the loyal love and companionship a dog brings to your life. Sometimes, though, no amount of cleanup seems to eliminate dog hair.

So what do you do if you routinely brush your dog, vacuum and/or sweep your floors regularly and still see dog hair tumbleweeds on your floors, hair on your carpet and furniture?

You need to think about a different approach. The new approach is camouflaging your house through the use of color schemes.

The short-term approach is dog beds and throw rugs for the floors, and blankets for the furniture.

The long-term approach involves redecorating which is not always affordable or practical.

Either way, you need to look for colors and textures that will help to camouflage your dog’s hair.

To find the best camouflage matches take home carpet or fabric samples, if possible, and hold them up to your dog’s coat. Dog beds, rugs, and blankets can be returned so save those receipts just in case your eye is off.

Certain colors will blend better than others. Neutral colors work well with most dog hair and are easy to decorate around.

Carpets and fabric with textures, patterns or color variation are the most effective in hiding dog hair and stains.

Strategically decorating your house will help with the appearance of dog hair but it’s still there and often seems to multiply overnight.

Vacuuming dog hair is the most common and obvious solution in all instances, but it doesn’t always do the best and most thorough job.

Let’s discuss the best tools to combat and eliminate dog hair in your home and amongst your belongings.

Tile, Linoleum, and Hardwood Floors

On smooth surfaces, dog hair accumulates and become doggy tumbleweeds that move about freely and seem to ultimately turn into another dog.

  • Sweep dog hair tumbleweeds into a pile and pick-up with a dustpan or vacuum up
  • Damp mopping

Carpet and Rugs

Removing dog hair from carpet and rugs effectively depends on a few factors.

  • The pile height of carpet and rugs –shorter is easier to vacuum
  • The thickness of the carpet and rugs
  • The suction quality of your vacuum

If vacuuming is only eliminating the surface hair try this:

  • Use a squeegee-bristle rubber broom to scrape dog hair from your carpet or rugs into a pile and then pick up or vacuum.
  • The bottom of rubber-soled shoes (sneakers) also works the same as a rubber broom. Put the shoes on your hands to get stubborn hair out of carpeted stairs.
  • Playtex rubber gloves – put them on, get them damp and scrape dog hair away from baseboards, corners, and hard to reach areas that your vacuum cleaner can’t get to.


Do you allow your dog the comforts of your bed, sofa, recliner, etc.?

Even if you don’t, dog hair is drawn to it like a magnet. Dogs lay up against furniture and central heat and air, and fans move the hair from a shedding dog effortlessly throughout your house.

So how do you minimize dog hair on your furniture?

  • Vacuum as much surface hair as you can from the item/items
  • Lint roller brushes – these work but they are not cost effective for long-term use
  • Use Playtex rubber gloves as mention above
  • Damp sponge – brush over furniture
  • *Magic Eraser – this is a brand name sponge that also has cleaning properties built into it. (Generic store brand works just as well) Wet the sponge, squeeze it out and run it over the item/items of your choice. The water helps compile the hair, and the Magic Eraser will pull dirt and stains out of furniture. Rinse sponge and repeat.

*These techniques also work well on designated dog bedding or pads in-between laundering them for a more thorough cleaning.


When it comes to removing dog hair from your vehicle apply the same methods used to clean your furniture.


When you are chilling around the house and interacting with your fur kid, dog hair on your clothes should be expected.

Dog hair on causal clothes, sweats, pajamas, etc. may not be a big deal but may not be acceptable on work clothes, event clothes or evening wear.

How do you keep your attire dog hair free?

  • Put clothes up and away immediately after wearing or laundering.
  • Don’t put clothes on bedding or furniture that your dog is allowed on
  • Don’t sit on items that your dog is allowed on
  • Limit your interaction with your dog when you are “dressed”
  • Lint roller brush – have more than one and keep them in various locations (purse, briefcase car, office) These are best used after you have left the house to eliminate dog hair and look sharp.

Use the above techniques to camouflage, control and minimize discarded dog hair from areas and items your dog is in, on or around.

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