18 Dog Hacks for Owners

german shepherd dog

Crazy dog mom or dad? Love your four-legged child to the moon and back but struggle with dog hair everywhere? Have a picky eater or impossible pill taker? Have a pup with too much energy?

Check Out These 18 Dog Hacks to Make Life a Little Easier

1. To remove dog hair from your clothes, furniture, and car quickly, use a damp sponge and wipe away.

2. To spot remove hair from carpet, use the bottom of rubber-soled shoes to gather the hair or use a broom with a squeegee.

3. Dog hair hiding in the nook and crannies of your house or car that your vacuum misses? Use rubber dishwashing gloves to grab hair from corners and other sneaky places. Wet the gloves for maximum effect.

4. Protect your furniture from hair, drool, mud and dirt with sheets or covers designed for sofas and chairs. Launder as needed.

5. Easily remove dried drool, dirt, and scuff marks from floors, doors, and cabinets with a Magic Eraser. A damp Magic Eraser also works wonders on removing dog hair from furniture.

6. Freshen up the air in your home safely with one part vinegar to four parts water in a spray bottle. Add a few drops of essential oils like lemon or lavender and mist into the air.

7. Have a dog that hates nail trims? Use a Dremmel device to grind their nails instead of cutting. Be sure to touch and check your dog’s nails as you grind as heat is generated from the Dremmel device.

8. Have a dog or pup with excessive amounts of energy? Repeatedly chuck that ball or toy downhill and call them back to you up the hill. This tip will burn more energy in less time.

9. Have a chronically picky eater? Add in some fresh steamed veggies to mealtime. Easy on the budget, and greens have health benefits for our dogs.

10. Have a dog that is fussy when it comes to taking medication? Turn meds into a treat by hiding pills in food. Options include store-bought or homemade pill pockets, hot dogs, peanut butter, or whipped cream. Do not use sugar-free peanut butter or whipped cream that could contain Xylitol.

11. Keep dry food fresh and protected by storing it in an airtight container. Take a picture of the packaging for reference or in case of recalls.

12. Do you have a pooch snacking from the kitty’s litterbox? Move the box to a bathroom, closet, or laundry room and install a cat door. Problem solved!

13. Need a dog bed in a pinch for a small breed dog? Use a plastic laundry basket and add blankets or cushions for comfort.

14. Inside potty accidents happen. Remove urine and odor from carpets or rugs with baking soda. Pour baking soda on the wet spot, wait 20 minutes, and vacuum.

15. Washing your dog indoors in the bathtub or shower? Prevent dog hair from clogging your pipes by placing a baby wipe over the drain.

16. Cold and snowy climates can wreak havoc on dog paws. Commercial paw balms and dog boots protect your dog’s feet from snow, ice, and salt. In a pinch, use Vaseline on paws as a barrier.

17. Do you have a dog that loves the word go? Regardless of long road trips or frequent errands in your local hood, be prepared. Items to keep in your car: water, a bowl, old towel, paper towels, baby wipes, an extra leash, and don’t forget poop bags.

18. Need a urine sample for the vet? Use a large mixing bowl to catch urine. Transfer the urine from the bowl to the small plastic container provided by your vet.

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