Awesome German Shepherd Carvings

german shepherd carvings
Photo Credit: FB Mike Jones

As pet parents, we love to display loyalty to our favorite breeds. Whether in clothing, jewelry, stickers, trinkets, or figurines.

How about a life-size German Shepherd wood carving?

german shephecarving chainsaw mama

Photo Credit: ChainsawMama.com

Chainsaw Mama, Faye Braaten states,

“There could be no more endearing monument to a family pet than a likeness in the form of a carved sculpture. Custom chainsaw carved dogs are endearing and protective.”

The cost of custom carvings put many people into sticker shock. However, you are paying for more than the materials and time of the finished product.

Custom carvings are unique one-of-a-kind works of art. The price paid today for a unique carving will bring many, many years of enjoyment when taken care of properly. You are ultimately paying for the artist’s creative talent.

Plus, a lifesize carving of your dog is a cool conversation piece.

Check Out These Other Awesome German Shepherd Carvings

Here is a German Shepherd customed carved by Michael and Aya Blaine of Dream Wood Chainsaw. Red oak wood was used for the sculpture, and the customer requested the harness.

german shepherd carvings

Photo Credit: DreamWoodChainsaw.com

Jason of Timberjack Chainsaw Carvings is another talented sculptor who accepts custom orders. Here are a few of his creations.

Karl Macauley of Elegant Chainsaw Carvings motto is seeing beauty in the wood and carving it to set it free. Here are some of his German Shepherd Carvings.

How about a German Shepherd carving that is also a bench?

german shepherd bench

Photo Credit: FB Mike Jones

Mike Jones shared his creation on the Chainsaw Carvers Facebook page with this caption:

“New German Shepherd bench finished, because who wouldn’t want to sit next to their best friend again?”

The detail is unbelievable.

german shepherd carvings

Photo Credit: FB Mike Jones

Simon O’Rourke was commissioned to create a replica of a German Shepherd named Chelia.

simon o'rourke german shepherd carving

Photo Credit: Simon O’Rourke YouTube

Watch the video of Simon bringing Chelia to life.

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