10 Reasons Why German Shepherd Owners Are Never Bored

german shepherd owners

German Shepherds are intelligent, affectionate, and very active dogs. German Shepherd owners are kept on their toes and are never bored with a German Shepherd in the family, and here are ten reasons why.

1. German Shepherds are Silly and Goofy 

german shepherd head tilt

German Shepherds are a very active and social breed of dog, leading to them getting into hilarious yet adorable situations.

German Shepherds make their owners laugh, whether trying to fit into a space too small, giving owners some serious side-eye action, bursting into zoomies, or doing their famous head tilt.

2. German Shepherds are Super Smart

german shepherd smart

German Shepherds are known for being extremely intelligent. They can master new commands and behaviors after a couple of repetitions. They love the mental stimulation of learning new things are responsive to positive reinforcement-based methods of training.

German Shepherd owners know their smart dogs need to be kept busy with jobs or activities. Otherwise, chaos and unwanted behaviors may follow.

3. German Shepherds are Always Excited to See You

german shepherd owners

German Shepherds would love to spend every minute of every day with their favorite human. Whether you’ve been gone 5 minutes or 5 hours, a German Shepherd is always excited to see you and doesn’t mind showing it.

4. German Shepherds Love to Play

german shepherd ball drive

German Shepherds have lots of energy. Play helps keep a GSD stimulated and tire them out.

German Shepherds are most happy when playtime includes you interacting with them. The question is not how many times a German Shepherd will fetch a toy but how many times you are willing to throw it.

5. German Shepherds Are Nosey

german shepherd on fence

German Shepherds can be a lot like an annoying younger sibling, wanting to know where you’re going, where you’ve been, and going through your stuff. Owners quickly learn to put bags, purses, and groceries out of a German Shepherd’s reach.

German Shepherds can be labeled as “neighborhood watch” not just for their protective instincts but because they are nosey. They spy on neighbors, watch the comings and goings on their street, and want to investigate leaves falling from trees and birds chirping.

6. German Shepherds are Always Up for an Adventure

german shepherd car ride

The words go, car, ride, park are sweet music to a German Shepherds ears.

German Shepherds are adventurous dogs who love being out and about.

Whether you’re taking your dog for exercise, training, or simply to keep you company in the car while running errands, a German Shepherd is ready to go wherever you are willing to take them.

7. German Shepherds Help You Make Friends

long haired german shepherd walking on leash

If you struggle meeting people and making new friends, take your German Shepherd to parks or dog-friendly coffee shops or cafes.

German Shepherds love getting out and about and making new acquaintances in a dog or human form. A stunning German Shepherd is an ice breaker that will have strangers asking questions and making small talk with you.

8. German Shepherds Make Work More Fun

german shepherd owners

A German Shepherd by your side will positively affect your mood and performance whether you are lucky enough to take your dog to work with you or are just merely doing chores around the house.

9. German Shepherds Are Reliable Workout Partners

german shepherd jogging with owner

German Shepherds have a lot of energy to burn day in and day out, making them the perfect partner for working out.

Taking your German Shepherd on a walk, run, swim, bike ride, or hike will keep them happy and healthy while you stay in shape too.

10. German Shepherds Make Good Cuddle Partners

german shepherd owners

German Shepherds love to be with and near their favorite human. When it’s time for some rest and relaxation, a German Shepherd likes to be as close as possible.

German Shepherds will often touch their humans if allowed on the furniture, and some dogs love to cuddle up for a snooze.

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