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German Shepherd Takes Some Grounders at Minor League Game

An image of the Tulsa Drillers Bark in the Park event.

A dog gets loose from its owner and—what else?—fetches a ground ball on the infield.

To boost sagging attendance numbers, some baseball teams have resorted to a promotion that encourages customers to bring their four-legged friends to the park as fans.

Known as Bark in the Park nights, these events are good for morale in the stands as well as for stadium workers as there is almost always less excess food to pick off the ground afterward.

They’re also apparently a good time for German shepherds with dreams of making it to the big leagues to show what they can do with a ball in the hole.

We know this after a shepherd got loose and burst towards the infield to practice a little fielding at a Bark in the Park event hosted by the Tulsa Drillers—the Dodgers’ Double-A affiliate.

His ball handling skills were a little ruff, but the lucky dog wound up getting a couple of baseballs as treats.

This German Shepherd got it’s 15 seconds of fame and can boast to its pals in the park about playing some ball in the minors.

Tulsa’s next Bark in the Park night is July 18.

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