A German Shepherd’s Happy Halloween Costume

german shepherd halloween

Max, the German Shepherd, loved Halloween.
He loved all the shouts and the squeals and the occasional scream.
He’d watch all the children dressed as pirates, goblins, and ghosts.
But the ones dressed like animals are what he loved the most.

It was Max’s third Halloween, and he could not be more excited. He’d get to go trick or treating and was so happy that he was invited.
But what would he wear? What would the children say?
With four legs and a tail, costumes were not ever made that way.

He went to the pet store to see what he could find,
A clown, a dragon, a hippo, Max could not make up his mind.
He tried on a mummy costume, but his tail did not fit right.
He tried to be a ballerina, but the tutu was too tight.

He thought a werewolf would work, but that was too scary.
And dressing like a dolphin, Max was too hairy.
Most costumes for dogs were too small for his frame,
And the costumes for children were just about the same.

Max started to worry that he’d never find the right one.
The pet store would close soon, and he would have none.
Finally, Max found a costume made for two,
A front half and a back half, it would just have to do.

He took the costume home and quickly tried it on.
Each paw fit nicely, and there was a slit for his tongue.
The back half-covered his tail just right,
Now Max was ready for Halloween night.

He could carry his treats in his own silver pail.
Max was so happy; this costume would not fail.
When he came down the stairs, his family gasped in delight.
Max’s costume was a handsome German Shepherd with a tail a swishing and eyes shining bright!

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