Is Your Dog a Mama’s Boy or Daddy’s Girl?

german shepherd mamas boy

We have all heard the phrase mama’s boy or daddy’s girl when it comes to human offspring, but the label can also apply to our dogs.

Dogs show their preference for people with affection, but how do you tell if your dog is a full-blown mama’s boy or daddy’s girl?

8 Signs Your Dog is a Mama’s Boy or Daddy’s Girl german shepherd cuddling on couch

1. Your Dog is Your Shadow

Where you go, your dog follows.

Looking for a misplaced item? Your dog is underfoot, helping you search.

Getting up from the couch to grab something from the kitchen only to return to the couch? Your dog will go to the kitchen with you.

2. Your Dog Favors You Over Everyone Else

german shepherd daddys girl

Your dog may be content to hang out with other members of your family when you are gone, but as soon as you are home, it’s obvious you are their favorite person. They want to be with you or near you regardless of who else is around.

3. Your Dog is a Bathroom Stalker

A bathroom stalker is different than a shadow dog.

A shadow dog will follow you to the bathroom and lay patiently outside the door.

A bathroom stalker not only follows you to the bathroom every single time, but they also insist on being inside the bathroom with you.

Bathroom stalkers take advantage of your seated position for scratches and affection. They are also known for checking in on your bathing progress and laying in front of the tub or shower while you are in it.

4. Your Dog Waits at the Door for You

german shepherd at door

When you leave the house, for a few minutes or a few hours, a mama’s boy or daddy’s girl will wait expectantly by the door for your return even if other family members are home.

5. Your Dog Only Listens to You

A mama’s boy or daddy’s girl only obeys commands from you. Your dog will ignore orders from other family members or seek your approval before complying.

6. Your Dog Ignores Other Dogs or Animals

When you are out and about on walks, swims, or hikes and encounter another dog or animal, your dog prefers sticking by your side rather than investigating and playing with new friends.

7. Your Dog is a Toucher or Cuddler

mama's boy german shepherd

Being near you isn’t good enough for a mama’s boy or daddy’s girl. They want to be close enough to touch you, and some love to cuddle on the couch.

8. Your Dog Sleeps with You

When you take a nap, your dog takes a nap nearby.

When it’s time to go to bed for the evening, your dog sleeps with you.

Whether your dog sleeps near your bed, in a dog bed,  or on your bed,  a mama’s boy or daddy’s girl is the happiest staying close to their favorite human.

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