German Shepherd’s Reaction to 101 Dalmatians

Some dogs ignore the TV, some dogs watch TV, and others interact with TV.

One Hundred and One Dalmatians is a favorite Disney classic from childhood. But who knew dogs could enjoy the film as much as we do?

A TikTok video shared by a user named DaisygirlGSD shows a German shepherd standing directly in front of a television playing the 1961 animated film called 101 Dalmatians.

A German Shepherd named Daisy is watching the scene where Pongo steals Roger’s hat. Daisy joins in on the fun and mimicks what is happening on screen.

Pongo, the cartoon Dalmatian, shakes the hat in his mouth, and Daisy, the German Shepherd, is seen shaking her head while holding a toy in her mouth.

The video clip is set to the song “Cruella De Vil,” sung by Bill Lee.

The caption on DaisygirlGS’s video post is: “Oh! You know, just hanging with Pongo. #gsd #gsdoftiktok #gsdlove #gsdlover #gsdmomma #daisythegsd #germanshepherd #germanshedder #101dalmatians.”

Daisy’s video was posted on December 5 and quickly went viral. It’s too cute not to love and share if you’re a dog lover.

Kennedy, one TikTok user, wrote:

“Doggo equivalent of when people recite the lines in movies.”

Check out Daisy the German Shepherd on TikTok Here.


h/t Newsweek


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