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German Shepherds Serve Up Cold Brews

German Shepherds serve up cold brews

After a ruff day, you may find yourself dog tired. To lift your spirits, how about a cold beer served by a cute bartender? Better yet, what if that cute bartender is a German Shepherd?

german shepherds serve cold brews

Image Credit: @nutcase_nat

To all beer-drinking dog lovers, we’ve found the pawfect bar for you! The world’s first bar staffed by dogs.

The Bar D’Alsace-tian in London hosted a one-night event on May 6, 2019, sponsored by Kronenbourg 1664 beer and staffed by German Shepherds.

german shepherd serving beer

Image Credit: Evening Standard

Kronenbourg’s roots are in Alasce, France, so it was a no brainer to staff the event with well-trained Alsatian dogs.

Reservations were required, and each table received two complimentary bottles of Kronenbourg 1664, bread, and cheese. The event sold out immediately.

german shepherd serves beer

Image Credit: Evening Standard

You may be wondering how a four-legged waiter can serve beer and not spill a drop. Each dog wore a harness fitted with a lightweight miniature Kronenbourg barrel on the front.

german shepherds serve Kronenbourg

Inside of the customized barrel held a chilled bottle of Kronenbourg beer.

german shepherd serves beer

Image Credit: Secret London

The promotional event by Kronenbourg was a tail wagging success. Do you find the idea of ordering your favorite drink from a barktender pawesome or pawful?

h/t Evening Standard, Bark Post, HeroViral

Featured Image via Evening Standard

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