Do German Shepherd Owners Love their Dogs More than People?

The German Shepherd Dog, loyal, fearless, smart, and beautiful. What’s not to love?


Okay, GSD owners don’t love the shedding and never, ever not going into the bathroom alone but hey, no one’s perfect.

A lot of German Shepherd parents consider their dog a full-fledged member of the family and refer to their dog or dogs as their kids. Many pet parents will do or spend whatever it takes to provide for their four-legged companion.

German Shepherd Puppy with Toys

Many German Shepherd owners like their dog more than most people and would even prefer to spend their time with their German Shepherd rather than a friend or family member.

german shepherd on couch with woman

When asked anonymously, some people will admit to loving their dog more than their partner or spouse.

man hugging german shepherd dog

Why do dog owners become so attached to their dogs? A study published in the Journal Scientific Reports concluded that dogs make more facial expressions when a human is paying attention to them.

german shepherd head tilt

The German Shepherd Dog is very expressive. Visualize the famous head tilt when asking your GSD a question or their worried eyebrows when they are concerned.

Do you, or do you know someone who donates money to charitable dog organizations? Studies have shown that people are more willing to give money to dogs versus people.

german shepherd paw

People are willing to open their hearts, homes, and wallets to provide or care for a dog in need.

german shepherd rescue dog

Dogs have no ulterior motives, provide companionship, and give unconditional love.

german shepherd and woman

Do you have a stronger bond with your German Shepherd then some humans? Do you love your German Shepherd more than anyone?

german shepherd and man watching sunset

It’s okay to keep that to yourself, but it’s also okay if you do.

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