How to Properly Change Your Dog’s Diet

Throughout your dog’s lifetime, there may be occasions when you need to switch your dog’s diet. It is important to gradually change your dog’s diet to ease Fido’s digestion system through the transition.

Many reasons exist that may cause a need to switch your dog’s diet.

A puppy, for example, will graduate from puppy food to adult food. Your adult dog may need to transition to a diet specifically designed for senior dogs.

Allergies or other health-related issues may be yet another cause for a switch.

Consult with your vet about the change to your dog’s diet and do your own research on all of the available options.

Once you have made your decision and purchased the new food, you will want to make the change gradually and over a period of time.

Do not stop feeding one type of diet on Sunday evening and begin an entirely new regimen on Monday morning.

Drastically switching your dog’s food, will more than likely result in your dog having an upset stomach with diarrhea to follow.

To properly change your dog’s diet involves some planning ahead on your part.

You will need the new food and about five to seven days worth of the food you are going to eliminate. Every day you will reduce the amount of the original diet and slowly increase the food for the new diet.

Use this formula until you have run out of the old food.

After you have converted your dog to the new diet, you should allow a minimum of four weeks on the new food before assessing the results.

When a diet is working well for your dog, it is best to leave it alone and stick with it. You will quickly find that a consistent diet is the best and easiest method to keep your friend’s digestive system running smoothly.

Changing your dog’s diet is a gradual process that may seem slow but is worth the time and hassle.

The gradual change will reduce the stress and change to your dog’s system and digestive tract.

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