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The Most Popular Dog Names of 2021

popular dog names

Some people like popular names while others prefer something more unique.

Some people choose names related to their dog’s coloring like Snowy, Blizzard, Opal, Smokey, Oreo, Pepper, Blackjack, Vader, or Midnight.

Foodie parents might choose names like Hershey, Cinnamon, Peaches, Cocoa, Noodle, Muffin, Sage, or Peanut.

How about a geographical reference like Dakota, Austin, Vegas, Paris, Dallas, Tahoe, Boston, Jersey, Rio, or Cali?

There are endless options when it comes to naming a dog. Inspiration can come from favorite actors, celebrities, musicians, fictional characters, vehicles, other animals, etc.

The important thing is the name you choose is meaningful and personal for you and your dog.

The most popular dog names of 2021 were compiled from large database sources from Trupanion, the AKC, etc.

New names that made the 2021 list include Molly and Lola.

The Most Popular Dog Names of 2021

female german shepherd dog names

Girl Dog Names

1. Luna

The most popular female name for 2021 was Luna, which translates to “moon” from Latin.

2. Penny

Penny is the English diminutive of the Greek name Penelope, which comes from “pēnē,” meaning woven cloth, and “lepō,” meaning “to peel.”

3. Lucy

Lucy is the English feminine variant of Lucius derived from Latin “lux,” which means “light.”

4. Bella

Bella references the Italian, Spanish, Greek, Portuguese and Latin words meaning “beautiful.” The name’s popularity spiked after the Twilight books and movies were released.

5. Daisy

Daisy is a female name associated with the flower. The name comes from the Old English word “daegeseage,” which means “day’s eyes.”

6. Lola

Lola is a feminine name in Spanish as well as Romance languages.  Lola is the short version of the Spanish name Dolores, meaning “sorrows.”

7. Winnie

Winnie is a female and male name of Welsh origin. Winnie can be referenced to “fair one,” “white and smooth,” “soft,” and “happiness.”

8. Maggie

Maggie is a well-known short version of Margaret or Magda. The name Maggie is of English origin, meaning “pearl.”

9. Molly

Molly is the diminutive form of the Hebrew feminine title Mary and typically means “sea of bitterness, star of the sea,” as well as “rebelliousness” or “rebellion.”

10. Ruby

The name  Ruby comes from  “the” Latin phrase “ruber,” which means red. It refers to “deep red stone.”

11. Sadie

Sadie is of Hebrew origin and is a diminutive of Sarah which means “princess.”

12. Stella

Stella is of Latin and Italian origin. It translates to “star” and has experienced a revival of popularity in recent years for both dogs and humans.

13. Bailey

Bailey is traditionally a male name but has become increasingly popular for females. The name is an Old English term “bailiff.”

14. Olive

The name Olive originates from the Latin origin “oliva,” which means “olive tree.”

15. Gracie

Gracie comes from the name Grace that was initially used as a Scottish surname. Grace is an Anglicization of the Scottish Gaelic term greusaich.  Greusaich means embroiderer and later shoemaker.

16. Millie

Millie is of German and English origin and believed to mean “gentle strength; strong in work.”

17. Piper

Piper is a girl’s name that is of  English and Romanian origin. Piper refers to “pipe or player of the flute.”

18. Zoey

Zoey is the contemporary spelling variation for Zoe. The Greek Jewish translation of  Zoe is Eve which means “life.”

19. Ellie

The name Ellie refers to “bright shining one” and comes from English origin names that begin with “El.”

20. Chloe

Chloe means “blooming,” which is also known as “fertility” in Greek. It was among the names used to describe the Greek goddess Demeter who was the goddess of harvest and fertility of the earth.

Boy Dog Names

male german shepherd dog names

1. Cooper

The most popular pet name for boy dogs is Cooper. Cooper means “barrel maker” in old English. Cooper has been popular with owners for years and shows no signs of going away anytime soon.

2. Charlie

A diminutive form of Charles from English origin, which translates to “free man.”

3. Winston

Winston is a male name that is associated with Winston Churchill, the former British Prime Minister. Its English meaning is “wine’s town.”

4. Teddy

The diminutive form of Theodore or Edward. Teddy is a male name of English origin that translates to “divine gift.”

5. Max

Short for Maximilian and Maxwell. Maximillian means “greatest,” and Maxwells, meaning is “great spring.” Max is one of the most famous names for male German Shepherds.

6. Tucker

The origin of the name Tucker isn’t precisely known. It’s a popular surname in Europe and has become a popular male dog name.

7. Ollie

Ollie is a nickname for Oliver. Oliver originates from the Latin name Olive, referring to the olive tree.

8. Murphy

Murphy is a male name of Irish origin, meaning “sea warrior.” This Celtic surname is Ireland’s most common family name.

9. Gus

Gus is a classic masculine name, often used as an abbreviation or nickname to Angus or August, Augustine, or Augustus.

10. Finn

Finn has several origins. One origin is derived from the Old Norse personal name. Another origin is from the Irish Fionn, meaning “white” or “fair.”

11. Buddy

Buddy, meaning “friend,” is commonly used in the U.S. and a fitting name for your dog.

12. Duke

Found sporadically since the 19th century, Duke is a French word that refers to “leader” and is thought to be taken from “follower from Maedoc;” St. Maedoc was a Christian missionary during the 7th century in Wales and Ireland.

13. Oliver

Oliver comes from the Old Norse, meaning “ancestor’s descendants,” as well as taking its roots directly from Latin and French words that mean “olive” and “olive tree,” respectively.

14. Bear

Owners may choose the name Bear for their dogs due to size, personality, or cuddliness of a teddy bear.

15. Hank

The name Hank gets it origins from the name Henry. Henry dates back to medieval England but Hank is the Americanized version or nickname.

16. Rocky

Rocky stems from the word Rock. Rock is the Anglicized version of the name St. Roch, recognized as the patron saint of the sick.

17. Louie

Louie is a variant of Louis, primarily a male name of English origin, translated into “famous warrior.”

18. Leo

Derived from the Latin word meaning “lion,” the name Leo is a long-standing name that dates back centuries.

19. Moose

Naming male pets in honor of another animal is a charming trend gaining popularity, with increasing numbers of pet owners opting to name their large breed dogs “Moose.”

20. Bentley

The name Bentley refers to “woodland with bent grass,” from Old English “beonet,” translating as bent grass, and “leah,” meaning woodland or clearing.

Are you looking for more name options? Click here for the most comprehensive list of male and female dog names anywhere.



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