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Puppies and Car Rides – Make Trips Safe and Fun

puppies and car rides

Some dogs are better at traveling in the car than others.

A dog that is skittish in the car, or becomes car sick, is a distraction to the driver and makes simple trips to the vet or groomer a strategically routed plan.

To put it simply – it is a hassle, and it is a stressful event for everyone involved.

How you introduce your puppy to car rides will affect their attitude about them forever.

A puppy that is bounced around on a sharp turn or a sudden stop becomes frightened.

Falling off a seat may injure your puppy, making them reluctant to want to go again.

For your puppy’s safety and mental well-being, crate training is the best option.

After your first ride home, familiarize your puppy with their crate inside your home.

When it comes time for a trip, talk to your puppy about it. Tell your puppy, excitedly, that you are “going for a ride” or “going to the park.” Build it up and sell it.

german shepherd and woman in car

Next, load your puppy’s crate and your puppy into the vehicle. Start with short rides and gradually add distance.

Ignore whining or barking. Your pup will feel secure in their crate and will quickly settle down and nap.

Do not feed or treat your puppy two to three hours before a ride to prevent carsickness. Getting carsick will make any puppy dread going for a car ride.

Also, give a potty break before leaving to assure your puppy is traveling comfortably.

Upon reaching your destination, be sure to praise and play after getting your puppy out of the vehicle.

You want your puppy to associate “going” with “fun, fun, fun.” Visit new, exciting, safe places, and before you know it, your puppy will be racing you to the door ready for their next ride.

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