Stuff the Turkey Not the Dog — Thanksgiving Tips for a Safe Canine Holiday

thanksgiving tips for dogs

Mmmm, the aroma of a mouthwatering roasting turkey from the oven, stuffing cooling around the counter, baked desserts testing your willpower.

Thanksgiving gatherings are often an afternoon feast that may stretch the limits of one’s pants and perhaps even lull a person straight into an early nighttime doze.

The holidays are upon us. The climate has turned brisk, the trees are turning to autumn colors, and Thanksgiving is right around the corner.

For a lot of us, Thanksgiving is a gathering with friends and family. A reminder to be grateful for everyone we have in our lives, including our canine companions.

It’s fun to include our dogs in the Thanksgiving holiday, and if your doggy is a beloved member of your household, it can be a given they are going to be smack dab in the center of your holiday gathering.

It can also be a given they will be around to gobble up any food left unsupervised, sample some tasty turkey tidbits handed to them on the sly, and vacuum up any dropped food particles.

It’s often tough to resist the temptation to share Thanksgiving dinner with them as their gentle brown eyes track your every move.

If you want to treat your dog on Thanksgiving, make sure to use some fundamental common sense.

Below are a handful of suggestions to assist in keeping our four-legged family members safe, healthy, and included in the festivities as we gather close to the table for Thanksgiving.


Cooked boneless, skinless turkey meat – white meat is the most beneficialwhite turkey breast sliced


  • Plain veggies – NO sauce, NO butter
  • Plain potatoes – NO salt, NO butter, NO gravy
  • Plain rice
  • Turkey broth in moderation


NO turkey bones – All poultry bones splinter very easily and are hazardous. Regardless of whether split or whole, they can lodge within and perforate a dog’s intestines.turkey wishbone

  • NO turkey skin – The skin is excessive in unwanted fat and difficult to digest. Additionally, it holds marinade, butter, oils, and spices applied in baking. “Treating” your pet to fatty meals like poultry skin can result in gastric distress and Pancreatitis, a critical inflammatory condition from the pancreas that causes vomiting and dehydration.
  • NO to all the fancy trimmings – Foods smothered in rich gravies, sugars, salt, and so forth.
  • NO to sweets or desserts – If these are undesirable for us, they are absolutely not good for our dogs.
  • NO to chocolate – Chocolate can be lethal to dogs.

Plan ahead. As you prepare side dishes, put aside some plain mashed potatoes, a cup of cooked broccoli, green beans, or carrots before adding all the cream, salt, butter, wine, etc.

These items will likely be treasured (and devoured) by your pet, as well as being nutritious and balanced for them.

Gauge your dog’s present diet regime. If your pooch typically eats “dog food” (i.e., grain or kibble), do not provide a large bowl filled with turkey, veggies, and potatoes unexpectedly.

A sudden change in eating habits can stress their system and lead to an upset belly and diarrhea. As an alternative, try including a piece of turkey, some broth, and a handful of veggies to their kibble.

Veggies may also be used as “treats” all through the afternoon.

If your dog is used to a do-it-yourself homemade food plan, you can be far more generous and inventive as you indulge them in their Thanksgiving feast.

If your dog is not permitted to “beg” or consume food from your table, Thanksgiving is no exception.

thanksgiving tips for dogs

Prior to dinner commencing, be sure to let your well-meaning guests know that sharing with Fido will not be permitted.

Retain a watchful eye on youngsters who may attempt to feed the furry creature anyway and maintain a watchful eye on the furry creature who will take the opportunity to acquire food from tiny fingers.

If you’re concerned that your company will not have the ability to resist that adorable, irresistible face, strategically place modest “doggy plates” around the table. For those who want to treat your pet from the table, only food from these plates may be fed to Fido, and when these plates are empty, that’s it!

On a closing note, do not overlook the significance of cleaning up after the festivities have concluded. Even the best behaved, well-trained pets can be tempted and drawn to dangerous objects discarded inside the trash.

thanksgiving tips for dogs

Objects utilized to cook the turkey, for instance, skewers, string, pop up timers, and roasting bags, can result in intestinal blockage or perforation if swallowed.

Turkey bones and all other discarded meal products need to be disposed of inside a secure location. Garbage cans with tight-fitting lids or far better yet, inside a closed protected area which is dog-proof is suggested.

Keep your cherished, loyal furry companions secure, healthy, and happy this holiday season. Remember to be grateful for the unconditional love and pleasure they provide to your existence on a daily basis.

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