A Puppy’s First Christmas

Puppy's First Christmas

Something exciting is happening soon!
There is a tingle in the air
It makes my nose tickle
And makes my skin prickle
The littlest ones are so energetic
Dancing around as my family brings a tree inside the house
A pungent scent of woods and the wild wafting from it
Spurred dreams of running through forests so grand

Bright lights and sparkly baubles soon appear
I get a closer look at one
It falls with a small crash
Becomes a pile of colored glass
The littlest ones hug my trembling body
Saying it’s okay as the large ones make the pile disappear
Soon everyone is merry and laughing around the big tree
I jump for joy and run circles around all my family

Dinner that night was especially nice
Extra big portions plus
Meaty treats in my bowl
More food than I’ve ever eaten
The littlest ones hurried off to bed tonight
Still giggling and bouncing, how could they even sleep?
But first cookies and milk were set on a table above me
I cocked my head in curiosity as no one ate them

All was quiet with the family in their beds
A small noise perked my ears
I jump out of my bed
To see a large man in red
My first thought was to attack
But something felt different about this man
He smelled of ginger and warm hearths
My fear melted from my body like water from a swim

I sat and watched in wonder
As he places lots of packages
Under the pretty tree
Where all could see
Then gathered up his giant bag
Winked at me and disappeared up the chimney
I ran over and looked up but saw nothing
Sniffing the boxes for danger
but so tired I went back to my warm bed

The next morning was such a clatter!
With the littlest ones so noisy
Santa found our house!
They squealed and shouted
Packages ripped open
Crinkly paper flies all about the room in quite a flurry
I jump, I roll, I catch bits and toss them about
Then my family stops and makes me stand

Piles of treats are placed at my feet
Hugs and snuggles abound
I reach for a nearby treat
It smells delicious and strongly of meat
Suddenly a collar with a tag is placed around my neck
My family loves me, and I am bursting with pride
As the littlest ones hug me tight and pet my head
I don’t think any puppy is happier than I

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