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German Shepherd Sport Training

By the time Bruno was two and a half years old, we had a handful of trials, events and training accomplishments under our belt. We were about a month away from our first Schutzhund I competition at a local club. We were entered and we were still prepping, but we were ready. Then a funny little thing called LIFE happened.

The next year brought some major life changes. A personal relationship ended, I changed careers and Bruno and I found ourselves living in a new city and in new surroundings. Hardcore training had come to a screeching halt almost overnight. I distanced myself from the local dog training circle and discovered that Bruno and I had a lot of spare time on our hands.

German Shepherd Sport Training

Our days were no longer dictated by obedience perfection, bite work sessions, and when or where we would be tracking. We now had routines that consisted of long walks, playing at the park, yard work and quiet summer evenings watering the lawn.

Bruno was my companion, my roommate and my sounding board. We were at ease in our surroundings and in our routines. Bruno was living the life of luxury as he lounged on the couch by day and snored on the bed at night.

For the next several years, life was fairly unremarkable. We hung out, we went camping, we went to the lake, we did errands and yes, we eventually got back into doing some training. This time around training was about getting out and having some fun. We had both become lazy, out of shape couch potatoes and it was time to get back into shape doing something that we both enjoyed.

Fast forward to summer of 2006. Bruno is now 9 ½ years old. Where has the time gone? He has only slowed down a bit over the past few years but he is now beginning to struggle at times getting into my bed and jumping into the back of my SUV.

I do not want to face the reality of Bruno aging. He does not look like he is nine nor does he act like he is nine. Overall he is still in good shape and healthy.

Father time cannot be stopped, but for the time being, he will be ignored. Bruno and I continue on our journey blissfully unaware of the changes and challenges ahead of us that we will face and confront together united as one.

*Originally posted April 23, 2010*

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