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Somewhere around Bruno’s fifth or sixth treatment, I had a chance encounter that left a lasting impression on me. I want to share it in hopes that it might inspire some and give hope to others.

Bruno and I completed an acupuncture session with Dr. Yamate and headed towards the counter to schedule another appointment and check out. There was a woman in front of us so I politely hung back to provide a safe separation between Bruno and her dog. Her dog happened to be a female German shepherd. This got my attention and Bruno perked up a bit.

This woman and I began to exchange compliments, ages, and medical conditions. Turns out her girl was seven years old and had been diagnosed with cancer. Western medicine gave her girl six months to live if she opted to do chemotherapy. This woman told me that she turned to alternative medicine and had not looked back. The clincher to this story is this: Western Medicine had given her dog six months to live and at the time of this encounter it had been eighteen months since the original diagnosis.

I was already sold on Bruno’s path of treatment. This encounter just reaffirmed the mysterious and wondrous healing options of Eastern Medicine.

*Originally posted May 18, 2010*

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