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Bruno + Degenerative Myelopathy = Acupuncture

German Shepherd Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture sessions officially began in December 2007. Bruno and I had returned to our regular western veterinarian for additional x-rays and the senior screen. X-rays confirmed Degenerative Myelopathy and the senior screen results confirmed that the big guy was otherwise healthy and vital organs were functioning properly.

When we trekked back to our regular vet I had to explain the need for additional x-rays and the senior screen. The explanation of alternative medicine was received with raised eyebrows and silence. When the x-rays confirmed the original diagnosis I perceived a bit of an “I told you so” attitude. I let the skepticism of western medicine roll of my back as time would determine the effectiveness of eastern medicine.

Our first treatment session went well. Dr. Yamate started off by updating Bruno’s file, discussing our treatment plan and taking the time to give Bruno some hands-on attention before starting his session. Dr. Yamate did a once over on Bruno, took his pulse, and looked at his tongue. We lifted the big guy into a table and I sat facing him. My job was to keep Bruno distracted with dog treats while Dr. Yamate strategically inserted very fine needles into specific areas. After this was completed Dr. Yamate connected wires to a majority of the needles. The wires ran back to an Electro Acupuncture Machine that would send out an electrical stimulation.

German Shepherd Acupuncture Treatment

Bruno was hooked up and now needed to lay still for twenty minutes to let the electrical stimulation work its magic. I continued to give Bruno treats and the twenty minutes ticked by. When our timer buzzed, the wires and needles were removed and Bruno was lifted off of the table. That was it, we were done!

I was cautioned that symptoms sometimes get worse for up to 24 hours after treatment in some patients. If this occurred in Bruno I should not be alarmed and that he also might be tired for the rest of the day.

We made another appointment and left with joint supplements, herbs and instructions. The first session had gone well and now we all knew what to expect. Bruno slept on the drive home and I began to feel the sense of doom lift a little from the bottom of my stomach.

*Originally posted May 4, 2010*

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