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During the first part of July, I met a woman who is a wise, old soul. We had never met and were conversing about various subjects when somehow the topic of Bruno came up. I briefly described his current condition and treatment. She asked me his age and then out of the clear blue asked me if his thyroid had been checked recently. I thought back to his last round of tests which were in December 2009. This woman suggested that Bruno was feeling a bit off because of a slow thyroid.

Dumbfounded, I called Dr. Yamate to share my odd encounter. Dr. Y checked Bruno’s records and confirmed that his last screening was seven-plus months ago and his thyroid had tested in the normal range. We both agreed that a new screen was not a bad idea.

On Saturday, July 17, 2010, Bruno and I completed a quick appointment at our western veterinary’s office for a senior screen. On Monday the vet called to report that everything but the thyroid had come back in the normal range. Bruno’s thyroid level was low. My vet commented that she had looked through Bruno’s chart and could not find what thyroid medication we currently had him on. I told her that Bruno was not on any medications and I reminded her that up until now, I had been treating him through the use of herbs and acupuncture. There was a brief moment of silence from the other end of the phone connection.

A few days later I picked up thyroid medication for Bruno and we added another bottle to his countertop collection.

*Originally posted January 20, 2011*

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