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New Year – New Problems

German Shepherd Car Ride

Winter months are cold, wet, and in my opinion, miserable. Due to darkness settling in so early during the winter months, the newest routine was this: straight home from work, change my shoes, change my jacket and out the door Bruno and I go. When the weather was clear, this allowed Bruno and I to at least start our walk in a little bit of daylight and sunshine.

The routine was no different on the last Monday in January. Once outside Bruno began to carry out one of his own routines – peeing on everything. Being a boy dog, he thinks he must mark everything that comes across his path and within peripheral vision. I noticed that he seemed to be straining a little bit when he peed. I then began to pay attention and noticed that the more he peed, the darker his urine was and the more he strained.

German Shepherd Car Ride

I whipped out my phone and called Dr. Yamate. The phone diagnosis from Dr. Y was more than likely a urinary tract infection. Her instructions were to get a urine sample to my western vet as soon as possible, which I managed to do that evening. On Tuesday the results from the urine sample confirmed a urinary tract infection. I trudged back to the vet office and picked up Amoxicillin for my boy.

January had started off with stitches and February was going, to begin with, antibiotics. I hoped a pattern was not starting.

*Originally posted July 8, 2010*

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