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Toyah the German Shepherd Rescued After 500 Days in Shelter

toyah the german shepherd
Mount Noddy RSPCA

Toyah the German Shepherd Dog finds her forever home after a record 500-day stay at the RSPCA Mount Noddy Animal Centre located in Westergate, England.

Toyah holds the record as Mount Noddy’s longest staying resident.

A German Shepherd who spent 500 days waiting for new owners at a Chichester animal rescue center is settling into life in a new forever home.

Toyah was five when she arrived at Mount Noddy in Eartham back in April 2019 after being transferred by an inspector due to behavioral issues that caused her previous owners’ concern.

She needed extensive care, training, and management from staff to help prepare her for a new home.

toyah the german shepherd

Photo Credit: Mount Noddy RSPCA

Following a difficult start in life, Toyah has now found a new forever home thanks to the team’s hard work at the center.

German Shepherds are typically known to experience anxiety when in a kennel environment, this coupled with the breeds’ guarding behaviors meant a full management plan had to be drawn up by the center’s Behaviour and Welfare Advisor, Sarah Carden.

The center also called in other behavioral experts to provide additional support.

Despite Toyah’s anxiety, the dedicated team’s calming effect helped curb Toyah’s excessive barking and behavior that may have prevented her from finding a new owner.

Toyah’s progress was monitored throughout the program, and Toyah transformed from a nervous dog that appeared aggressive to being welcoming and friendly.

toyah the german shepherd

Photo Credit: Mount Noddy RSPCA

While Toyah was at Mount Noddy, 73 other dogs were rehomed, but thanks to the training and care provided, she is now living with her new owners and following a careful settling-in process.

Susan Botherway, Animal Centre Manager at Mount Noddy, said:

“Toyah is a firm favorite with the whole team of staff and volunteers at Mount Noddy, and although we’ll miss her, we’re thrilled that she’s found a new home.

We’ve kept in touch with the adopters to monitor her progress and make sure they have all the advice and support needed, but Toyah has settled in beautifully.

We believe she will be very happy and thrive with her new family, and that’s always the most rewarding part of our work.”

Mount Noddy recently launched a major fundraising campaign to address the shortfall due to its retail outlets’ closures during lockdown.

The dedicated team has continued to care for animals at the center, despite, at times, lacking the usual volunteers to provide extra support.

Details on the center’s work and how to make a donation or find out more about the animals in their care are available online at

The staff at Mount Noddy never gave up on Toyah the German Shepherd. How wonderful it would be if all shelters and rescue organizations had the determination, resources, and funds to create more success stories like Toyah’s.

Are you interested in rescuing a German Shepherd? Click here to locate an organization near you.

Original Author: Ryan Burrows



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