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April 10, 2010 – Acupuncture Session and Strategy

German Shepherd Alternative Health

Dr. Yamate arrived for Bruno’s scheduled acupuncture session. The big guy was glad to see her but had been acting a bit sluggish all day.

German Shepherd Alternative Health

Taking Bruno’s input and Animal Communicator, Karen Anderson’s advice, Dr. Yamate focused in on some new acupuncture points related to the digestive tract and abdominal organs while still treating for pain. The session went quickly and I was well stocked with a slew of new herbs. Bruno’s food was already hogging the refrigerator and now my kitchen counter was being taken over slowly but surely by Bruno’s herbs, supplements, powders and potions.

Our strategy was to implement the new herbs, evaluate today’s acupuncture treatment and clear up Bruno’s diarrhea. Not earth shattering by any means but it was all that we had to work with for now. Dr. Yamate was concerned about the big guy and was going to do some research and make a few phone calls. I know that it bothered her that she could not pin point Bruno’s tummy woes.

I promised to call Dr. Y if anything “new” occurred (good or bad) and Bruno and I saw her out. Bruno napped the rest of the day and me; I cooked up more rice and tried to mentally prepare myself for whatever was to come next.

*Originally posted December 16, 2010*

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