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Tummy Woes = Doggie Ultrasound

German Shepherd Ultrasound

After my insightful session with Karen Anderson, Animal Communicator I got a hold of Dr. Yamate and talked to her about Bruno’s session and the abdominal/digestive issue that was bothering him. Dr. Y’s instinct was to have an abdominal ultrasound performed. Phone calls were made, schedules juggled and an appointment was made for April 9, 2010.

German Shepherd Ultrasound

On the morning of our appointment, Bruno’s diarrhea returned. How was that for timing? I learned that a canine ultrasound is the same as it is for us humans. Bruno’s tummy area was shaved, a gel was applied and the procedure was painless and non-obtrusive.

The results: Prostate and organs looked normal and healthy for a 13+ male German shepherd. On one hand, this was good news, on the other hand, the problem ailing Bruno’s tummy was still an unsolved mystery.

We returned home and cooked up some more rice.

*Originally posted December 9, 2010*

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