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Bruno’s Pain Management = Pain Medication

Monday, September 13, 2010. I called my western veterinarian as soon as they opened and requested pain medication for Bruno.

After evaluating everything that had transpired from the previous day, it was time for me to be realistic and start preparing to let Bruno go. I made the decision to use up whatever supplements, herbs and medications we already had but refills were not going to be made. Acupuncture would also be futile at this point so Dr. Yamate’s skills and services would no longer be needed.

I drove to my western veterinarian’s office after work. Bruno’s pain medication was ready and waiting for me. The directions on the medication instructed a half of pill twice daily or as needed. I questioned the half pill dosage and was told to take it easy on the pain medication because liver damage can occur as a side effect. A defeated giggle escaped from me as liver problems were the last thing I was concerned about.

With a heavy heart, I told my vet the outlook for Bruno was bleak and my only concern was keeping him comfortable; Bruno’s next visit might very well be his last.

Little did I know how quickly this would hold true.

*Originally posted May 15, 2011*

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