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Just another Manic Monday

silhouette-woman-dog2From the vet’s office, I returned home with Bruno’s pain medication in hand. I located my big guy in my bedroom stretched out in one of his usual spots and in deep sleep. He awoke and enthusiastically greeted me. Bruno had a sparkle in his eye and his demeanor was light and playful. It dawned on me that it had been a while since I had seen the big guy so mischievous and carefree. I attributed his sudden energy and sparkle to the mysterious effects of Young Living Oils and the Raindrop session from the previous day.

I suddenly became overwhelmed with emotion. I made it to my bed and began to sob uncontrollably. Bruno, somehow under his own power, managed to get on the bed and snuggled up against me to comfort me. We lay comfortably side by side with his back against my front, my left hand between his front legs stroking his chest and me sobbing into his neck.

Bruno patiently let me cry until I could cry no more. He stood and gently sniffed my face before re-positioning himself at the foot of the bed. He kept looking at me as if expecting me to get up and assist him off of the bed. When I made no movement he clumsily extracted himself from the bed. He regained his composure, looked directly at me and belted out one loud, clear, crisp defiant bark with authority as if to say “enough!”

Bruno headed towards the bedroom door but stopped to check if I was following. I got the message loud and clear. I told the big guy to keep his fur on while I washed my face. This was acceptable and he patiently waited for me to pull myself together.

We have a routine we follow and we were behind schedule. Tonight’s routine would include the new addition of a pain pill inserted between dinner and cookie.

It should be illegal to love a pet this much!

*Originally posted May 19, 2011*

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