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How Do You Know?

German Shepherd Health Issues

How do you know when it is time to let your best friend, partner, and companion go? Going through the process to make this decision for an old or sick pet is horrible. This decision was something I had dreaded and feared I would not be able to do.

The decision boils down to a simple question with a painfully honest assessment and answer: Am I keeping my pet alive for myself or for him? Here is how my decision played out on Friday, September 17, 2010.

German Shepherd Health Issues

I had the day off from work and my plans for the day consisted of odds and ends around the house and hanging out with Bruno. Our morning had been low key and fairly routine with breakfast, meds, and some fresh outdoor air on a beautiful sunny California day.

Around noontime, Bruno and I had comfortably settled into our favorite spots to relax. Bruno was lying down across from me and I could sense his gaze upon me. Over the next few minutes, Bruno’s gaze never left me and I began to get a sense of urgency. I realized I needed to be paying attention. I discarded what I was doing and I sat down on the floor across from Bruno. I locked eyes with him and instantly I knew. It was time. He was tired and he was ready to move on.

Tears silently rolled down my face as I realized the moment I had dreaded was here. I told Bruno how much I loved him and that I understood it was time to let him go.

*Originally posted August 24, 2011*

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